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Administrator User Guide – For Strata Mecanica Administrators only

A guide on how to set up new users of the Strata Mecanica Portal and allocate membership to allow users to run the Data Engineering processes.


Creating new Portal Users From the Admin Dashboard, select the Users –> New User from the Admin menu option on the left hand side on the screen:

Fill in the new user form and click Create:

Once a Portal user has been created, they need to be assigned  Membership level to access the Portal functionality.

Scroll down the User record until you see Membership Level. Select Corporate & Update the record.

Additional Membership levels can be created in the future for different markets or functionality permissions.

Additional Support Details can also be recorded on the User record to help communication with clients on support issues:

Each new user will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to log in, change their password, and access support:

The content of this email can be changed by selecting Notifications –> All Notifications from the Admin Dashboard. Administrators can then edit the required notification.

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Strata Mecanica logoInstructions for Graph Production

Step 1: Project Details

Enter the details for you project for easy identification.

Step 2: Units of Measurement

Select Imperial or Metric and ensure you enter ALL data in that unit of measurement

Step 3: Data Entry

Enter the data for each Formation

Step 4: Summit your entries


Submit your entries for graph calculation and press "Go Back" to re-enter any values