Completion selection and design is based on in-depth knowledge of the mechanical integrity of the wellbore through the reservoir. In other words, whether it can be left open hole or needs to be cased depends on whether the wellbore can withstand the expected pressure/flow conditions throughout the life of the well. In this module the user should be able to calculate or predict the following:

  • Type of completion required – Calculation only
  • Maximum BHFP through life of the well – Calculation only
  • Requirement for a SC method – Calculation only
  • Grain size prediction – Prediction from existing algorithm
  • SC method selection – Calculation only
  • Pressure drops through GP and SAS – Calculation only
  • Perforation penetration – Calculation only
  • Pressure drop through perforation EH – Calculation only

This module is quite big therefore, more than one dashboard might be required

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Step 2: Units of Measurement

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Step 3: Data Entry

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Step 4: Summit your entries


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