Completion Design Assessment

IESL was completed a completion design assessment work for an operator in Southern Australia. The work included the use of existing engineering data to validate geomechanical models that allowed the user to select the optimum completion design...


Solutions to dramatic changes in our industry

In a ever changing industry, we at IESL have seen significant upheaval in our time. These changes have required rapid and effective response and solutions to continue providing our clients with the same level of outstanding service that is...

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Strata Mecanica logoInstructions for Graph Production

Step 1: Project Details

Enter the details for you project for easy identification.

Step 2: Units of Measurement

Select Imperial or Metric and ensure you enter ALL data in that unit of measurement

Step 3: Data Entry

Enter the data for each Formation

Step 4: Summit your entries


Submit your entries for graph calculation and press "Go Back" to re-enter any values