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[/trx_title][trx_text icon=”none” bottom=”30″]IESL has been an active member of a number of organisations such as the Sand Management network, the SPE, SEG, ICOTA and EAGE. We have actively seek to contribute either by publishing, attending or editing/reviewing material for conferences and exhibitions.[/trx_text]

IESL Support


We have published over 60 papers in areas of well completion, intervention and geomechanical applications, they can be downloaded at:


Most of our publications are case studies with our clients and/or partners and aimed at providing a reference to a particular technology, application or methodology as developed for our clients.

IESL Members Support


As a result of our knowledge transfer programmes we make available upon request manuals in the following topics:

  • Well completion design in reservoirs with sanding problems
  • Fundamentals of perforation design
  • Sand management
  • Water injector design and operation
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Strata Mecanica logoInstructions for Graph Production

Step 1: Project Details

Enter the details for you project for easy identification.

Step 2: Units of Measurement

Select Imperial or Metric and ensure you enter ALL data in that unit of measurement

Step 3: Data Entry

Enter the data for each Formation

Step 4: Summit your entries


Submit your entries for graph calculation and press "Go Back" to re-enter any values